Specializing in customized corrective care

Your facial should be unique to you and your skin. It may not look like you have a lot of facial choices, but without being restricted by a pre-set facial recipe, this creates countless treatment combinations and endless opportunities to create your healthiest skin possible!


Through our specialized treatments and over 40 actives to choose from we can correct, support and maintain the health or your skin. Read more about Dermaviduals Skin Care here. 

If this is your first time visiting us, please complete the online consultation form HERE prior to your arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes early .


The Bespoke Facial


Each signature treatment is truly a transformative experience.  Each bespoke facial is specially tailored for your skin to suit your personal needs and concerns. Using a customized blend of actively organic ingredients specially selected for your skin, we incorporate nutrient dense serum infusions, intensive masks, and any of the below techniques to create this facial designed exclusively for the health of your skin.


60 mins $98 | 75mins $128 | 90mins $148






TAMA Facial Therapy

The next generation of facials, TAMA offers a  holistic alternative to 'anti aging' that challenges both dermal fillers and laser technology, TAMA Facial Therapy helps:

  • Lift & Contour muscles

  • Increase cellular energy

  • Increase collagen & elastin formation

  • Re-build & re-educate muscles

  • Oxygenates

  • Repairs damaged tissue

  • Boosts circulation

  • Generate new healthy cells

75mins $128 | 90mins $148 (Each appropriately customized)






LED Light Therapy

For skin that glows!​


Working within a cellular level, LED Light Therapy improves circulation and lymphatics, speeds up healing and restores healthy skin functioning. 


  • Calm inflammation

  • Stimulate collagen activity

  • Kill acne bacteria

  • Restore perfect balance

Total relaxation, the warmth from the wavelengths of infrared soothe you into a deep blissful state.


I challenge you to not snore. 

40mins $45 (Includes cleanse, LED, moisturizers/SPF)



Based on the changes you'd like to see in your skin, one or more of the below techniques will be considered in your Bespoke Facial: 



TAMA Microcurrent: A non-invasive way to lift and tone facial muscles. No other aesthetic service delivers results like TAMA. Also available as a stand-alone service. Read more


Galvanic Infusion: A small electric current enhances the penetration of active ingredients, stimulates blood and oxygen levels, boosts hydration levels, reduces inflammation, and helps to tighten the skin.


Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage: lymphatic drainage is a subtle, yet highly effective facial massage, ensuring all toxins, accumulated cellular waste and excess fluids are removed more efficiently, reducing swelling and puffiness in the face. Read more

LED Light Therapy: LED Light Therapy is a proven non-invasive way to heal breakouts, and trigger the body to produce more of the fuel needed to promote collagen and elastin.  Also available as a stand-alone service. Read more

Understanding Your Skin

This in-depth consultation allows us to identify what is going on with your skin so you break through and finally get the results you want. By marrying beautiful skin care and nurturing elements such as lifestyle and diet changes, you will gain a deeper understanding of your skin and what makes your skin type and needs unique. With a comprehensive treatment plan, we help guide you in the best direction to renew and drive the skin to it's fullest potential.


Please bring with you the products you are currently using and a fresh face, free of cosmetics and skin care.

60mins $60​

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