Bespoke Facials


Your facial should be unique to you and your skin. It may not look like you have a lot of facial choices, but without being restricted by a pre-set facial recipe, this creates countless treatment combinations and endless opportunities to create your healthiest skin possible!


Great results begin with a personalized consultation to determine the approach best for your specific skin type and targeted concerns. Lifestyle factors as well as ingredients/product recommendations will complement corneotherapeutic techniques and modalities in achieving the healthy skin you deserve.


Through our specialized treatments we can correct, support and maintain the health or your skin. With over 40 pure actives, and a unique delivery system, Dermaviduals can minimize and correct:



Dehydration & Dryness


Healthy Aging 


Pigmentation/Uneven Skin Tone


And so much more


Each facial follows a Corneotherapy treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense system. Rest assured, all the essentials will be included: exfoliation, nutrient dense serum infusions, extractions, a tailor made mask, and of course, a hefty dose of SPF. Any of the below techniques will be considered based on the time you choose & the changes in your skin you would like to see.


First time clients, please complete the online consultation form HERE prior to your arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes early.



Advanced Skin Analysis

60 Minutes $60

An in-depth skin consultation goes beyond simply selling you skin care and recommending treatments. It’s an understanding of how your skin works and how to get results. 


By getting to know you, and your skin, we can develop a skin care strategy especially for you. A detailed analysis that includes a review of diet, lifestyle, and your current product selection, will provide you with a deeper understanding of your skin and what makes your skin type and needs unique. We then work with you to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve skin that gives you confidence. 


Please bring with you the products you are currently using and a fresh face, free of cosmetics and skin care.




Level 1 Reset


60 Minutes $98

A great introductory facial and for an overall skin Reset


This customized facial is great for any skin type and condition, giving your skin a boost of actives with the aim to detoxify, hydrate, and strengthen the quality and function of your skin. And a little relaxation never hurt anyone while treating your skin to the care it needs.


Level 2 Reset

75 Minutes $128

Designed with more performance power than Level 1, we begin to work on how your skin is functioning and begin to create real changes in the skin. The time we spend together will determine our treatment options. More time equals more customization. Below, you will find the techniques that will be considered in your treatment to target your specific concerns.


Level 3 Reset


90 Minutes $148


The most popular on the menu, and for good reason. The time allotted in ‘Reset 3’ allows free reign of ingredients, equipment, and techniques to really create some significant changes in the skin. The opportunities for skin rejuvenation are endless.



Depending on your goals & current skin condition, one or more of the following techniques will be considered in your treatment:



TAMA Microcurrent: A non-invasive way to lift and tone facial muscles. No other aesthetic service delivers results like TAMA. Available as a stand-alone service. Read more


Galvanic Infusion: A small electric current enhances the penetration of active ingredients, stimulates blood and oxygen levels, boosts hydration levels, reduces inflammation, and helps to tighten the skin.


Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage: lymphatic drainage is a subtle, yet highly effective facial massage, ensuring all toxins, accumulated cellular waste and excess fluids are removed more efficiently, reducing swelling and puffiness in the face. Available as a targeted service.

Read more

LED Light Therapy: LED Light Therapy is a proven non-invasive way to heal breakouts, and trigger the body to produce more of the fuel needed to promote collagen and elastin. Available as a stand-alone service. Read more

20hz pro: A non-invasive method of enhancing skin health while providing lift and contour of the face muscles with massage, lymphatic drainage, and fascia release. Benefits include increased circulation, decreased puffiness and inflammation, improved texture and skin tone, and, over time, skin that’s firmer and smoother, with minimized fine lines and wrinkles

Gratuity is not accepted in this studio. :) I just want you to enjoy your time here and on your journey to happy, healthy skin.

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