It all started with acne

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love everything about the beauty industry. I remember as a young teen visiting a makeup boutique in our neighborhood and buying whatever I could afford with my allowance, and then practicing my makeup application techniques on my younger brother, (who hates when I share this store. That’s why I continue to share. ;) 


It wasn’t until I began developing acne when I really took an interest in skincare. My spending shifted from makeup to anything  touting 'acne clearing.' This went on for years, until one day, my mom and I spent an afternoon at a spa. It was a memorable ‘mother-daughter’ day, and my very first facial. And the first time I realized that helping others with their skin would become my life's passion. 

                                                                                                                                         - Pam Pannacci

Until further notice, only virtual acne coaching is available

The Acne Clearing program is based on the research and studies of Dr. James Fulton Jr., M.D., Ph.D., one of the most renowned acne experts in the world. Acne Solutions is an affordable acne clearing program with a 95% success rate, designed to have your acne under control in approximately 10-12 weeks without the use of prescription drugs. 

What to expect with the Acne Clearing Program
  • Education on lifestyle choices, diet, and comedogenic ingredients that exacerbate acne

  • Customized home care 

  • Adjustments to home care and continued coaching you until your skin is healthy, and clear

  • Drastic relief within 90 days (the average life cycle of a breakout)

  • Continued education on how to continually care for your skin

If you're ready, I'm ready

New clients please complete the online consultation form Here. This should be completed at least 48 hrs prior to your appointment. 

Participation in The Acne Clearing program requires commitment on both of our parts. It's more than topical home care. It is a commitment to healthy diet, lifestyle choices, and yes, faithful use of your customized home care regimen.

Product Pickup - Please visit the 'shop skin care' page for product orders.

Products not available for online purchase include: Dermaviduals and Viktoria DAnn

Virtual Acne Clearing Consultation - 50 Mins / $65

Your consultation will include an in-depth skin analysis to determine your skin type, type of acne and tolerance to active products. Since acne can be a multi-faceted disorder, it is important that we address all of the possible underlying triggers. We will review potential aggravating factors that may contribute to breakouts, such as lifestyle and dietary choices, cosmetics, medications and current home care. 

The consultation will conclude with a customized home care regimen and a treatment plan. 


Note: Home care products are not included in the cost of the treatment. Your initial set of products will cost an average of $160 - $200.

*Consultation fee is waived with purchase of home care.

Let's get started:

  • Step 1. Schedule your consultation

  • Step 2. Complete your online consultation form, found here. The more detailed information in your initial consultation form, the better! We'll review all of it, and then some. We will leave no stone unturned. 

  • Step 3. Submit your selfies. I know it can feel uncomfortable, but it is important that you send me some up close pictures of your skin in natural light so that I can analyze your skin for the best course of action and ideal home regimen. Please send a forward facing close-up, a right profile, and a left profile. Don't worry, these stay between us.

  • Step 4. ZOOM Link & handouts. This one is for me. I will forward your ZOOM link for our meeting. The email will also include a link to the Acne Information Guide. Don't miss it! 

  • Step 5. The big day! I will look forward to meeting you in our ZOOM video call. Please have all of your handouts available, as we will be reviewing them together. This will be a two-way call, so please jump in with any questions you may have. I welcome questions. 

  • Step 6. Decision made? Once you commit to clearing, we will review your home care regimen. We will also schedule your next two virtual check-in's, so please have your calendar ready. 

  • Step 7. Product Delivery. If local, products will be delivered to your doorstep. If outside of the South Bay Los Angeles, products will be shipped via USPS.

  • Step 8. Bi-weekly check-in's. Once we get started, we will have bi-weekly check-in's so that we can ensure you are progressing as you should be, and to make any needed adjustments in your home care. Please allow 20 minutes for your check-in's.

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