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Specializing in acne, rosacea/skin sensitivities, and inflammaging   (inflammaging = inflammation + aging)

I’m a believer in a more graceful approach to treating the skin. My goal is to help you effectively outpace the aging process while reducing inflammation, taming sensitivities, and managing problematic conditions. I take a natural and holistic approach to your skin's health by following a very simple philosophy called Corneotherapy. It is a less is more approach and a way of treating the skin with integrity! It's not about quick fixes but doing things the right way - the healthy way so you can enjoy long lasting benefits.

My own skin struggles: aging (of course,), acne (it doesn't seem fair now that I'm 50), and rosacea. A triple threat to manage, but it can be done.



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"Pam has changed my skin for the better and boosted my self-confidence! Last fall, I had issues with acne and rosacea, not knowing what would help solve my skin problems. After moving back to SoCal, I needed to find an esthetician since I didn't have one in CA. I read the amazing reviews and decided to schedule an appointment with Pam. Best decision ever. Pam is so kind, knowledgeable, and genuine. Loved my facial appointment as it was gentle and soothing. She shared such great information about my skin and what ingredients I should look for and stay away from in products. It has changed the way I make purchases -- from skin care to makeup. No more second guessing.

I highly recommend connecting with Pam and supporting her business. She is amazing!"

Erisa N.

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Empowering individuals, creating positive change in their skin, and instilling confidence.

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"The only esthetician (and person) who has successfully cleared my skin of acne! If you are struggling with adult/hormonal acne and have tried everything possible to fix your face, please consider going through a visit with Pam. If tried everything possible from derm's/dooctor's offices, Accutatne, Curology, and other estheticians, but my breakouts persisted. 

I'm so happy I found Pam. I will always continue seeing her to help maintain my clear skin."


- Valerie N. 

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